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Keeping with the tradition of outdoor off-road fun, our fundraising event will be our biggest and most challenging endeavor we could think of: riding the spine of the Rocky Mountains on mountain bikes, completely self-supported.

We would like to have your support and help raising money for Design Ability Inc’s nonprofit organization. Over the years Design Ability Inc has helped many individuals and their families by designing and building adaptive recreational vehicles that enable individuals with disabilities the freedom and fun of off-road recreation.

The fundraising event will begin now and our journey will begin June 8th in Banff Canada and end sometime in July at Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The route of approximately 2,800 miles follows the Continental Divide as closely as practicable and crossing over 20 times. The full route has 200,000+ feet of elevation (equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest 7+ times). Traveling self-supported means we will have to carry everything we need with us (tents, sleeping bags, clothes, tools, food, water, etc.). The bicycles and gear will weigh between 50-70 lbs each. We will encounter snow, rain, wind, blistering heat, and probably our fair share of wildlife while traveling through some of the most remote areas of the Rocky Mountains as we make our way toward the US/Mexico border. With a goal of averaging 100+ miles a day and spending 8-16 hours each day on the bikes, this will not be a leisurely ride in the woods. We will be posting photos and commentary along the route when possible to keep everyone updated. Also, we will be equipped with real-time GPS trackers so you can follow our “Dots” across the Rockies.

Great Divide Event


100% of money raised will be used for Design Ability Inc. 501c3

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Just like everything else the team at Design Ability Inc. does, this fundraising event will be EPIC. Please help support Design Ability Inc’s future adaptive modifications by donating and sharing this with friends and family. See link below.

About the riders:
Bill Stuck Founder / Chief Designer of Design Ability Inc. An avid motorcyclist with a knack for solving problems and desire to share the fun of the outdoors and off-road with those less fortunate. Raced motocross in his youth and has always enjoyed exploring and taking the path less traveled. Experienced outdoorsman always ready to take on a new challenge.

Bob Stuck (Bill’s Brother) An avid cyclist who has traveled throughout Europe and across the US on his bicycle. Enjoys the physical and mental challenge of traveling long distances by bicycle. Also, responsible for planting the seed that has led to this EPIC Fundraising Event.

Again, we thank you for taking time to read this and would appreciate any assistance or support you can provide to make this a successful fundraiser. Please Donate and/or Share this with your Family, Friends and Colleagues.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Bill & Bob Stuck


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In Memory of Dillon E. Stuck

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In Memory of Dillon E. Stuck

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